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Around Winchester

Dad and I wandered around Winchester on the last full day of our trip to England.
Here are some pictures:

Winchester Cathedral

After spending a week at Chichester, around the New Year holiday, I went with the Cathedral Singers of Ontario to Winchester.
We sang at Evensong at Winchester Cathedral. 

Here are some pictures of the Cathedral: 

I also got to rehearse at the Cathedral and do the prelude before Evensong.

Here is a video of me playing Siciliano by Max Reger there:

Thank you so much to Ian Sadler, the Conductor of the Cathedral Singers of Ontario for such a wonderful opportunity!
It was amazing!
I still can't believe I sang and played the organ in England!


Around Chichester

I'm just sharing some more pictures from Chichester.
I like that it's close to London but still quiet.

This is the Town Cross, where the north, east, south and west streets meet.

Here, we are a little further from the Cross.

Christmas tree, right by Town Cross.

Outside of the Cathedral

The Sundial

The Bell Tower

The Bishop's Palace Garden

The Roman Wall

We got a lot of gifts for people at The Sweet Jar. :-)


Pictures of Chichester Cathedral

Last week, Dad and I went to Chichester so I could sing with the Cathedral Singers of Ontario.
We spent a week at Chichester Cathedral over the New Years.

Here are some pictures that we took when we had a tour of the beautiful Cathedral:

Looking towards the Altar

The Sanctuary

The stained glass window above the entrance

Looking out from the Quire

Underneath the Arundel screen

Detail underneath the seats in the cannon stalls

The Lady Chapel

There is stained glass window designed by Chagall

An altar in one of the side Chapels

They have 5 organs here!
The main organ.

A continuo organ.

The portable console for the nave organ (the nave organ can also be used from the main organ).

The nave organ

 Looking from the Nave

The High Altar

The Shrine of St. Richard of Chichester

The South Transept

The North Transept

It meant a lot to me that I got to sing and play the organ here. My Grandma was the organist for St. Richard's of Chichester Roman Catholic Church in Kingston, Jamaica and she would have loved to visit here.