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Day 2 - More Toronto Street Pianos!

Today, Mom and I went looking for more Street Pianos in Toronto!

We started off at the Royal Ontario Museum. I found out that this "Bermuda" piano was decorated by Joan Butterfield.
There were lots of other kids there today. 

After the ROM, I went to the CIBC at University and Dundas. There was a piano decorated by Alex Flores. "Mexico". It's so pretty!

My favourite piano for today was the one at the Ontario College of Art and Design. It's "Nicaragua" by Paul Conlan. It sounded nice. It was pretty. And it seemed to be put in the perfect spot. It was almost like being on stage.

We went to the CIBC at Queen and Spadina. We found a lot of construction there but they kept the piano closed when it wasn't being used so the keys stayed clean. It's the "Barbados" piano by Cheryl Rock. I played a lively song to go with the construction.

 We found the piano in front of the Glenn Gould Studio. It's "Antigua and Barbuda" by Dion Fitzgerald.

Then I played on the piano at Roy Thomson Hall. It was "Ecuador" by Jose Ortega. I love where they put it, but the lower C sounded funny.

The last piano we went to today was at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. It was "Costa Rica" by Francisco Castro Lostalo. He wanted to draw attention to the need to protect bees and other wildlife. 
The piano had ivory keys!

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