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My first computer!

My parents bought me my very first brand-new computer!
It's not a hand-me-down!

Of course, we had to build it.

Dad and I worked on the computer together.
Here I am putting in the RAM on the motherboard.

I installed the wireless internet card on the motherboard.

I put the DVD drive in the slot.

Here I plugged in the hard drive data connection using the SATA connector.

Here's when we were installing Windows 8.

And here's my computer up and running.

I still need to get an SD card reader and I need speakers.
I'm so happy!


My Grade 2 Violin Exam Results

I got my Grade 2 violin results already!
I got 87%!
That means that I got First Class Honours!

I couldn't have done it without my wonderful teacher, Amanda and my amazing accompanist, Christy! Thank you so much!


CNE 2013 & The Recycled Orchestra

Yesterday, we went to the Canadian National Exhibition (the CNE). It happens every summer. When it first started they used to show 'new inventions' like the telephone or the lightbulb!
Now, they have rides, games, performances and sales.

Here are a couple pictures from the Ferris Wheel. 

We also went on the chair lift.

It was Warriors Day and they had a Veterans Parade. There was a CBC Weather Reporter who interviewed a soldier right by the tank.

I got to sit in the cockpit of a fighter jet!

This was all made out of origami!

Metrolinx had a set up of the new Eglinton Crosstown Tram.
It felt cramped inside the passenger area.

I got to sit in the cab.

The highlight of my trip was seeing the Recycled Orchestra perform! I did a blog post about them before. They are from Paraguay and they play instruments made from trash found in a landfill.
They played songs like "Imagine" and the Pink Panther Theme. They were good!

Here's a short video of one of the songs they did.


My email to Scarborough Ribfest

Here's a picture of the turtles that were for sale at the Scarborough Ribfest. Mom got permission to use the picture from Little Res Q. They had it on their facebook page.

I was so upset about seeing the LIVE turtles being sold at Scarborough Ribfest that I wanted to write to them.  So, I sent the Ribfest organizers a message. Here's a screenshot of what I wrote them.

For more information about Little RES Q, check out their webpage:
I'm glad that there are people out there that help to take care of reptiles, especially turtles. :-) 

My Grade 2 Violin Exam

Today I had my first violin exam! I did my Grade 2 Practical.
It was different from a piano exam because I needed an accompanist for my repertoire songs.
I didn't have to do sight reading for this one, so that was different too. For higher grades they do sight reading, but not Grade 2.

We reached the examination centre really early so we went to McDonald's to wait. Dad got a coffee but I didn't want anything.

We went back to the exam centre and met with Christy - my accompanist.

I went inside first and I did my scales and etudes and then Christy came in to play the piano while I did my repertoire songs. After Christy left, we did the ear training where I got to play back a melody, identify intervals and do a clap-back rhythm. It was really good!

The examiner was friendly and he wasn't scary at all.

My old violin was getting a bit too small for me, but my teacher said we should wait until after the exam to move to the next size. So, right after my exam Dad and I went to the store to buy my very own violin! It's the first one that I can call my own! No more renting for me. :-)

Here's a picture of MY violin.


Happy Independence Jamaica!

Today Jamaica celebrates 51 years of Independence!
Happy Independence Jamaica.
We're making Jerk Chicken for dinner. :-)

Here's some of my favourite festival songs.

The Maytals - Bam Bam

Toots and Maytals - Sweet and Dandy

Eric Donaldson - Cherry Oh Baby

Toots and Maytals - Pomp & Pride

Tinga Stewart's Play de music


Scarborough Ribfest 2013

This weekend we went to Scarborough Ribfest twice.
Today, I took pictures and video and I had a lot of fun!

There were lots of places to choose from and it was really busy!

We got beef ribs from Blazin BBQ Rib House and we carried them home.

People were also selling things like mugs and glasses and even turtles.
I was shocked that they were selling turtles.... I didn't take a picture of it. Those turtles are going to grow big but they had them in little, tiny containers. :-(

The best part of the ribfest was the rides!

Simcoe Day at Historic Fort York

Today, Dad and I went to Historic Fort York for the Simcoe Day festivities.
It wasn't nearly as busy as the War of 1812 Reenactment.

We saw the Fort York Fife and Drum Corps play and we also saw the soldiers firing their muskets. We stayed for the parade and we also listened to the Honourable Lieutenant Governor David Onley's speech. He mentioned that we weren't just celebrating Simcoe Day but also Emancipation Day.

We also did the Fortifications Tour where they explained how the wall and the cannons worked.

Instead of taking lots of pictures we took a couple of videos.

Here's a video of the soldiers firing their muskets.

Here's a video of the Fife and Drum Corps leading the soldiers when they were rehearsing for the parade.

My favourite part of the day was getting to have the Shrewsbury Cake and a gingerbread cookie. They were roasting chicken and putting tarts and puddings in the oven but they weren't ready yet.