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Firefly in the Summer

Grandma asked if there are fireflies in Canada and I wanted to show her what we saw.
Here`s a video of a firefly that we saw in Algonquin Park. 

The Very Busy Day

Last week Sunday I had a ballet performance and I performed at a piano competition.

The ballet performance was good but it was a long day.

In the piano competition, I played La Toupie for the first song. But, when I played it, I lost my concentration and I asked to start over.
The same thing happened to me with the duet.

There were some parents who didn't agree with the judging and they were shouting in front of us. I didn't like it.

I was so upset that I didn't play the last song that I was supposed to.

I won't ever do a ballet performance on the same day as a piano competition again.

Anyway, here is a video of me practicing La Toupie - "The Top".