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In Memory of Grandma JD

My Grandma loved organ and she was an organist in Jamaica.
She always wanted to have an organ at home.

Every day I play my organ at home and I think of her. I am sure she is in heaven smiling down at me.

Here is Bach's Prelude and Fugue in G Minor. (I've played and uploaded the prelude before, but this is the full piece which includes the fugue.)

This is Trumpet Air by Bert Van der Hoek


Our Puppy

We got a little puppy!
She is a cocker spaniel/poodle mix and she is 3 months old.

And she is adorable!

Our other pets are learning to get along with her, and she is learning how to get along with all of us.

Thankfully she likes music.
And she really likes Mom.

She is keeping us busy though. 

She likes to chew!
She is still learning that she is not to chew our arms.

We have had her for about a week and she has already learnt to go outside to use the bathroom. But, we have to be on the ball when she is tells us she needs to go. 

I have found that it's easiest to take pictures of her when she is sleeping.


Sewing at The Make Den

Today was the last day of my class at The Make Den.
I did Sewing FUNdamentals 1.
It is my very first time doing a sewing class but I liked it.  

I did 3 small projects:
A cushion cover, a small pouch and a draw string bag. 

My cat likes the pouch a lot.

Here are some pictures from today's class.
I finished up the cushion cover.

And then I worked on the pouch.

The projects didn't take long at all.
We did all of the sewing in class.

I am going to try practicing some of my new skills at home.
I really like sewing. :-)