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Toronto's First Post Office & St. Lawrence Market

Today was the 180th anniversary of York becoming the city of Toronto. 
Mom and I went on one of our adventures to celebrate. 

We decided to go to Toronto's First Post Office since it was around in 1834. 

It's set up as a small museum and a working Post Office now. 
There is a topographical model of Toronto in 1837 in the back room. It's really cool! It has a lot of details and it's really interesting to look at. 

I could look at the model for hours and hours!

I think this is right where the Post Office is.

I forgot to ask what this is.

Before we left, Mom and I wrote to Dad.
Mom wrote a letter. Here is a part of it.

I drew a picture for Dad but it was really hard to draw using a quill and walnut ink.

We dried the ink with sand and then we folded the paper to make an envelope and we sealed it with wax.

Our letters are in the mail right now!
They are stamped with today's date and the date that Toronto became Toronto.

 After the visit to the Post Office, we went to St. Lawrence Market. It was also here in 1834.

We stopped in at the Market Gallery.

There was an exhibit put on by the Ontario Black History Society. (It will be on until April 19, 2014).

There was information up about influential Black people in Ontario.
I saw these about Samuel Ringgold Ward and Mary Ann Shadd Cary.

I have always looked up to Harriet Tubman and Elijah McCoy and I was very happy to see information about them posted there too.


Here is a link to Toronto's First Post Office's Website.

Here is a link to the Market Gallery's website.


Here is a link to the Ontario Black History Society's website.

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