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What I am is MUSICAL!

What I am is MUSICAL!


My Cats

When we were in France we kept a close eye on our cats.
We missed both of our cats but we could see this one on the web cam.

He liked to pose for the camera.

It was too hard to get a picture of them playing together.

I am so happy to be home with them again.
I liked exploring Paris, but I missed them.

Some favourite pictures from Paris

These pictures we took from the plane when we were landing at Charles de Gaulle Airport.

I liked the way they shaped the trees at University of Paris.

There were little purple flowers in the grass.

We were in Saint Maur de Fosses when Dad took this picture. The tree and the light post look cool.

I liked the piano that we played on at the piano competition.

I liked this building and these trees in Paris.

This was a stained glass window in Le Cimetière du Père-Lachaise.

This water fountain was outside the cemetery.

I liked this place because Mom was able to get gluten-free pastries there.

Mom loved this Mango Lassi from the Bio-Coop. I thought it was funny the way Mom took a picture of it.

We saw this car on the road.... It's looks old.

They had a lot of glass recycling.

We took these pictures of Pont Alexandre III from the boat tour. 

I just liked the way that the Seine and the sky were all lit up by the sun as it was setting.


Emergency Vehicles

The Emergency vehicles are different from the ones we have at home.
The fire trucks are smaller.

We saw police boats when we were on the Seine Boat Tour

The police car looks kind of cute.

We saw different ambulances but this was the only one we got a picture of. It says "Red Cross" on the side.

Metro, RER and Public Transit

The public transit system was good in Paris. There are 16 Metro (subway) lines, 3 tram lines, 5 RER (commuter train) lines and lots of bus routes. 

This is a tram we saw close to University of Paris.

This tram we saw when we were on the train to Versailles.

I think we were in Bir-Hakeim Station when this Metro train came in.

This one was close to Bir-Hakeim.

I don't know which bridge this was, but we were on the Seine Boat Tour when we saw these trains

When we were in the Louvre we got pictures of this articulated bus. It's just like the toy bus we bought.

We were on our way back from Saint Maur-de-Fosses when I was on this RER train.

We were in Charles de Gaulle Etoile Station when Mom took this picture for me.

We got on a different RER train.

It was pretty empty that Sunday.

We were on the way to Versailles when my Dad took this picture.

Here is a picture of another RER train.

This bus was in the city of Versailles. It had 3 doors!


The Musée du Louvre

I went to the Louvre. I loved it!

The first thing we looked for was the REAL Mona Lisa. 
It was cool that I got to see the actual Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

The Louvre itself used to be a Palace. It is one of the biggest museums in the world. There is no way we could see everything in one day so we looked for the things we wanted to see.

This was part of the ceiling.

We could see the glass pyramid from where we were inside of the Louvre.

You can see how happy I was when I finally found a painting we were looking for.

We searched for this painting.
It's "Sainte Cecile avec un ange tenant une partition" by Il Domenichino.

There were other paintings with musical instruments too!

 Can you see the violin?

This painting was amazing too. There were lots of little paintings in it. Everything was so tiny!
It's called "Views of Ancient Rome" by Giovanni Panini.

From inside the Louvre we could also see the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel. It looks like the Arc de Triumphe but it's smaller and has a chariot on top.

Here is a model of the Louvre including the new parts.