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My Grade 8 RCM Exam

Today, I had my Royal Conservatory Piano exam.

These are the songs I did:

The exam could have been better.
I had to restart the Bach Invention and I made a couple of mistakes in the Kabalevsky Etude. The other pieces were good.

I did the sight reading was a waltz and I played it too fast, so I made a few mistakes.

The chord progressions were different from how I expected. In class, my teacher would play it once and I identify them all in one go. In this exam it is played once and then a second time, stopping at each chord so I could identify them individually.

After my exam, I went to practice some organ. This week was all about piano even though I felt a little sick on Wednesday.

Here is a short video from my practice today.
You can see me selecting the registrations and then starting the piece.

A special thank you to Elaine for allowing me to practice today.
I loved every second of it!
Thank you!