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Bach's Invention # 13

Hi Grandma,
My super-talented friend, Jessica, and I got together today to play this song for you.
I am playing the viola and Jessica is playing the violin.

Bach's Invention # 13

I usually play viola in the orchestra but I can't upload any of those videos because I would have to get permission from everybody before I could post it.


Minuet in G by Beethoven - for Annie Chris

Annie Chris,
I uploaded a video of me practicing Minuet in G by Beethoven for you. Grandma told me it is one of your favourite songs.
Hope you like it.

The Swan by Camille Saint-Saëns - For Grandma

Hi Grandma,
I uploaded a video of me going through your favourite song in class... the version that you love.

The Swan by Camille Saint-Saëns


For my Grandma

Hi Grandma,
I recorded these 3 songs for you this morning.  They aren't exam/performace ready, but I wanted you to hear me play the violin. I recorded these just for you!
Christy was my accompanist.


Room Dedicated to my Uncle Chris at Mattamy.

Yesterday, I went to Mattamy Athletic Centre with my parents. My Uncle Chris used to work there. His co-workers arranged to have a room there dedicated to his memory. 
He obviously meant a lot to them and they miss him too. 

There were people from different departments who helped to raise the funds to dedicate the room and they came out to be with us. They shared memories about working and being friends with Uncle Chris. They were all very friendly and I can see why he was happy working there. 

Here are some pictures that Mom took.

This is a picture of me, Mom and Dad with Uncle Chris' best friends. 

After the Room Dedication, we took a short tour of the Mattamy Athletic Centre.

I even got to sit on the Zamboni!

Thank you to everyone who made the Room Dedication possible!