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I was mentioned in a blog!

Hi Everybody,
Jamie Musselwhite mentioned me in his blog!
He was the Piano Tuner who took care of all of the Street Pianos for "Play Me I'm Yours".

Here is the link:

He even posted pictures of me playing the Toronto Street Pianos!


Still thinking of the Street Pianos in Toronto

Even though I'm in Montreal, I still think about the Street Pianos in Toronto.
I heard it's been a rough week there. They had a lot of rain!
I hope they are still working.

I am really glad that I got to play most of the pianos!
My favourite ones were at OCAD - Nicaragua, the Sam McBride Ferry - Columbia, Nathan Philips Square - Canada, Courthouse Square Gardens - Guatemala and the one at Corus Quay - Dominican Republic.

Jamie Musselwhite has been taking care of the pianos and Mom has been reading his twitter updates for me.
Here is the link

Some of my favourite songs

Here are some of my favourite songs right now.

Niccolo Paganini's Caprice #24
Just look at his fingers!

Isaac Albeniz's Suite Espanola, Asturias

Papageno's Song from Mozart's Magic Flute
The words are a little crazy though.

Prokofiev's Dance of the Knights from Romeo and Juliet
I love the dancing too!

Chopin's Tristesse.
I like the tempo changes.

Symphony #25 in G Minor by Mozart

And of course Waltz by Petrov.

McGill Conservatory Day Camp - Call us, maybe

They made this video in camp yesterday.
You can see me at about 45 seconds into the video.

I don't really know the song.
Can you spot me the second time I show up in the video?


Day 7 - I found all of the Toronto Street Pianos!

I found the last of the Street Pianos!
It was the "Trinidad and Tobago" piano by Brian Wong at the CIBC at Yonge and Eglinton.

 Afterwards, we went back to the OCAD piano. It was one of my favourites.
I enjoyed going all over Toronto and playing almost all of the Street Pianos. I liked performing for people all over and meeting lots of new people.
Thanks for reading my blog!


Day 6 - The Toronto Piano Search Continues

I've found 40 of the 41 pianos around Toronto so far. I got to play 38 of them!

Here is the "St. Vincent and the Grenadines" piano by Anna Maria Dickinson in Pearson International Airport. It was close to the Canadian arrivals in Terminal 1.

"US Virgin Islands" piano by Marion Bernadine in Christie Pitts.
There was some graffiti on the piano but it played nicely.

The "Suriname" piano by Sandra Brewster was inside Sick Kids Hospital. It was nice and cool where we were.

The last piano we looked for today was the "Argentina" piano by Ivan Ortiz in the Distillery District.
We stopped for ice-cream in Greg's Ice Cream shop afterwards.

I can't believe we have almost finished looking for all of the pianos around Toronto.
Tomorrow, I hope we find the last one.

Day 5 of My Street Piano Search

On Sunday it rained so Mom & I stayed in. We were thinking about the street pianos and how they were in the rain.

Yesterday, (Monday) we went looking for more pianos and we found 7 more street pianos.

We found the "Dominican Republic" piano by Ivanna Diaz Lovery at Corus Quay. 
I really liked it. We've never been there before.

Here are pictures of me playing the "Columbia" piano by Javier Lovera on the Sam McBride Toronto Island Ferry. I think it was my favourite one for the day! Lots of ferry passengers clapped for me when I was finished!

"United States of America" piano in St. Andrew's Playground.
This one sounded really good!

I was sad about the "Grenada" piano by Donna Guerra. It was rained on and it had been vandalized.
We ran into Jamie, the piano tuner and I got to see him try to fix it up.

This is a picture of the "Panama" piano by Oswaldo DeLeon Kantule in Sunnyside Park. I couldn't play it because it got soaked in the rain and the keys were completely seized up.

We found the "St. Lucia" piano by Joy Andre in St. James Park (it was in St. Lawrence Market before).
It's a really nice spot in a gazebo!

We found the "Honduras" piano by Nahum Flores in Cawthra Park.
It's really cool looking!

I had a lot of fun yesterday.
I got to ride on subways, buses, streetcars and even the ferry!
It was really cool.


Day 4 - Street Pianos Everywhere!

Mom, Dad and I spent all day exploring Toronto yesterday. We found 16 pianos!

"Peru" piano by Angel Carrilo in Berczy Park
This was such a nice, quiet park so close to the busy St. Lawrence Market.

"Aruba" piano by Ryan Oduber in Brookfield Place.
I loved the sequins on the piano. They are nice and shiny

"Bahamas" piano by Ward Minnis at Toronto Union Station.
It made me think of the beach especially since it was so hot yesterday.

"Chile" piano by Gilda Monreal in Maple Leaf Square
The piano was so colourful!

"British Virgin Islands" by Darrell MaCalla at Harbourfront Centre
I like paddling in the Natrel Pond behind the piano.

"Puerto Rico" piano by Anna Maria Dickinson in Toronto Music Gardens
This was such a nice location!

"Jamaica" piano by Evond Blake at CIBC, Yonge & Queen
Mom was happy that we finally found the Jamaica piano.

"Canada" piano by Lee Claremont in Nathan Phillips Square
This was my favourite piano of the day. There were a lot of good piano players at this piano.
It's not everyday that I get to play on a baby grand! And, it was nice having an audience too!

"Haiti" piano by Gabriel Osson in Bell Trinity Square
I wonder what the writing means?

"Cuba" piano by Yunior Marino at CIBC, Bay & Dundas
So pretty!

"El Salvador" by Cristina Cornejo in McGill Parkette
The artist used seeds to decorate the piano!

 "Cayman Islands" by Paul Chin at Allan Gardens
The gardens were closed when we got there, but the dog park was lively!

 "Guatemala" piano by Oscar Patzan
This one felt like I was on stage. :-)

"Uruguay" piano by Hugo Frones
I was sad because this piano was hurt by somebody. I wish I got to see it before.

"Brazil" piano by Solange Escosteguy at CIBC, Commerce Court
I played the piano close to the Toronto Stock Exchange!

"Dominica" piano by Karen Miranda Augustine at Yorkville Parkette
The Yorkville piano was a lot of fun. We got to sit and listen to a lot of other great piano players.
There were tables and chairs and a nice rock area where we could climb!

It was great going around playing the pianos and listening to all those other great players!
Toronto has a lot of talent!