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Christian Lane's "Organ Spooktakular"

I hope you're having a good Halloween!
Today Mom and I went with a large homeschool group to Christian Lane's "Organ Spooktakular" at Roy Thomson Hall for a lunch hour concert.

Christian Lane opened the concert with Tocatta in D Minor by J.S. Bach. I think everybody knows this piece. He played it really well. I wasn't expecting the extra trills that he played so it surprised me.
Carillion de Westminister, Opus 54, Number 6 by Louis Vierne wasn't really scary but he was very skillful with it. It must take a long time to be able to play with both of your hands and feet the way he does.

I really liked Prelude and Fugue in E minor by Bach. I think some of the kids in the audience were a little bored but I really liked it. I think Bach was really talented with the way he wrote for organ. He makes the player do acrobatics on the keys! Duo et Grand Choeur from Journal d'orgue by Jean-Jacques Beauvarlet-Charpentier was cool too!

Fantasmagorie by Jehan Alain was spooky and kind of creepy. It was perfect for Halloween.

I think my favourite pieces from this concert were the Choral Introduction and Toccata from Suite Gothique, Opus 25 by Leon Boellmann. They're both really dramatic and powerful. I could just picture myself listening to them inside some place like the Notre Dame in Paris.


  1. Thanks, Josh, for the report - glad you enjoyed the concert! Hope your music study continues well, and I hope you'll try out some of your piano pieces on the organ! Best wishes - Chris Lane

    1. Thank you for the great concert!
      I'd love to try out the organ when I get the chance! There's a version of In Dulci Jubilo that I would love to try.