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My Musician's Ear Plugs

It's been a long time since I've posted!
I've been busy with my Dance and Music camps.

At the beginning of the summer I got my very own custom-made Musician's Ear Plugs!

I went to the Audiologist and had a hearing test done. Every thing was good. But, because I practice a lot, my Mom wanted to make sure that I'm doing everything to protect my hearing.

The Audiologist put a little piece of sponge with a thread on it inside my ear. Then they mixed something that were going to squeeze into my ear to make a mold. When it was dry, she pulled it out gently with the thread.

I got this left over piece when they took the impression.

Here is what the mold looked like.

When my Musician's Ear Plugs were ready, we went back and the Audiologist taught me how to put them in. It's much quieter with them in but I can still hear everything clearly.

The one with the red dot is for my right ear and the one with the blue dot is for my left.

I've been using them in my violin camp. I'm really glad I got them!


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