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My Grade 5 Piano Exam

This morning, I had my grade 5 RCM Piano exam.

Before my exam I felt nervous and I sneezed a lot in the waiting room. I even ran out of tissue!

I did the technical requirements first. I started over one of my scales because I started playing in the wrong key - C# minor instead of C minor. But I noticed and I played it in the right key.

Then I played the studies and the repertoire pieces. In one of the songs, I didn't press down hard enough for the quiet notes and they were too quiet for me.

My clap back was perfect and my intervals were good.  I think I even identified the major and minor 6ths right. My melody play back was perfect! The sight reading was pretty easy too.

I didn't sneeze at all in the exam itself!
I think I did really well.

After my exam Dad took me to lunch at Johnny Rockets on Dundas Street. I love the music that they play. They have a juke box and they play hits mostly from the 1950s. My favourite songs that they played today were Green Onions by Booker T and the MGs and Surfing Safari by the Beach Boys.

Here's a picture of me when I was about to have my orange float.

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