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Family Fun Fridays at the Ontario Legislature

Mom and I went to the Ontario Legislature yesterday for "Family Fun Friday".

I never noticed the top of the roof before.

In Queen's Park there are a lot of statues.
There is one of George Brown. He was the Premier of Ontario for a few days in 1858.

There is a statue of Sir John A. MacDonald that faces University Avenue.

The first thing we did was a Scavenger Hunt!
We used clues in the building to find the answers of our scavenger hunt.

This is a section of a silver vein from a town in Ontario.

There was a model ship.

I liked the display of Ontario's symbols. I didn't know we had an official tartan!

 This camera was pretty cool too!

There was a display which shows the way the Speaker dresses.

And a painting of the Fathers of Confederation in 1864.
Can you find Sir John A. MacDonald and George Brown?

I wonder who used this piano and when?

There is a Coat of Arms on the glass ceiling!

Of course, Mom had to take a picture of me. :-)

We got to go inside the Chamber where the Members of Provincial Parliament meet.

When legislature is in session, they put the mace on the table facing the governing party.

We had time to look around and ask questions.
The legislative building was built 121 years ago! It opened on April 4, 1893!

There are so many carvings and details all around.

We got to have a fake debate in this room.

We chose to debate about banning home work.
The children (the government) were arguing to ban home work and the parents (the official opposition) argued to keep homework.

I actually crossed the floor because I disagreed with the bill.
The parents won this time and forced an election.

We had time for crafts as well but I won't post pictures of that.

I really liked this lightbulb which Mom pointed out to me. :-)

Here is a link for more information about Family Fun Fridays at Ontario's Legislature:

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