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Toronto Get Out and Vote!

Today, I went with my Mom when she went to vote. She decided to vote in the advance polls.

Election Day is October 27th and adults who are Canadian citizens and who are residents of Toronto can vote. (Advance polls are open until October 19th.)

When we went in, they looked at her ID and her voter information card. Then they sent her to an election official who gave her the right ballot that had the candidates for Mayor, Member of City Council and the School Trustee. (There are different ballots based on the school board. There is the Toronto District School Board, the Toronto Catholic District School Board, the Conseil Scolaire Viamonde & the Conseil scolaire de district catholique.)

The ballot is quite big! There were tonnes of names of people running for Mayor! There are 65 Mayoral candidates.

The election official explained how to mark the ballot and then put it in a secrecy folder so she could keep her ballot in private. There is a place where she could sit and mark the ballot.  She wouldn't even let me see how she voted. 

After she voted for who she wants for all three positions she put it back into the secrecy folder and carried it to the Tabulator. The tabulator scanned the ballot and it said vote was accepted and it even said 'Thank you for voting' afterwards.

I can't wait to see the election results!

Here is the website about the Toronto Elections:

Here is a FULL List of all the Candidates:

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