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My Grade 6 Piano Exam

I had my grade 6 piano exam and it went well. I slipped up in the sight clapping and stumbled a little in the Sonatina by Kuhlau. The rest of the exam was good. (You can see videos of the songs I did for the exam in this blog post.)

Here is a picture of the shoes that I wore during my exam.
I like to wear moccasins because they keep my feet warm and I can still feel the pedals when I play. You can't feel the pedals with winter boots on. I got this pair of moccasins from Adrienne's Moccasins at the Na-Me-Res Pow Wow last year.  They're so comfortable! I love them!

Here is a bonus song for you.
I played this one when I got home from my exam.
Song of the Cavalry by Dmitri Kabalevsky
I only played this song this one time in the last few days. I'm getting more comfortable recording.

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