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Happy 148th Birthday Canada!

Today is Canada Day!
We went to Thompson Park for the Canada Day Festivities.

We were there for the Opening Ceremony with the Aboriginal Blessing by Frances (I don't know her last name). Scarborough is part of the land of the Mississaugas of New Credit. 

There were hundreds of people there.

But there was still lots of places where you could go to sit by yourself.

There so much greenery all around, but sadly there was a lot of litter too.

It is so green and pretty!

 We went into Scarborough Museum and we were greeted with cookies..

We got to hear a bit about the history of the area and of the house itself.

I got to play on the Chickering Piano. It's a side-tuning piano but it was a bit out of tune.

They have a cello too and it needs some love.

You can see that the bible belonged to Elizabeth Thompson.

This is a drawing of Westminster Abbey.

And I finally found out that this napkin holder is a monkey playing a bassoon.

They have a very nice carving set out on display.

 As well as an information panel about Scarborough's History

They had a cool Canada Flag.

And squash growing in their garden.

Mom got a henna tattoo.

We also went to the Canada Day Parade.
I didn't plan to blog about the Parade but I did get to pose for pictures with a couple of politicians.

Here is one with Alex Wilson of the NDP who is running for Scarborough Centre.
(I agree with the Federal NDP in that I don't like Bill C-51.)

And here is a picture with Brad Duguid, MPP of Scarborough Centre.

And, my favourite part of the Parade is watching the bagpipers. Here is a video clip of the Scarborough Pipes and Drums. 

Happy Canada Day!