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TDSB's Downtown Summer Strings 2015

Yesterday was the last day of the TDSB's Downtown Summer Strings camp.
We had our end of camp concert and it went really well.

We had a slide show of pictures from activities we had at the camp. I don't have any pictures from the slide show but, Mom took this picture of me with my 'Stuffed Things' from "Stuffed Thing Day".
My Charles (the red head) got "Most Terrifying Stuffed Thing".

On Stuffed Thing Day we perform in chamber groups for the Stuffed Things and some of the chamber groups are chosen to perform in the concert.

Here is a picture of me with Ian Guenther.  He is the perfect combination of being laid back AND very particular. :-)

Daniela is a violist and she helped me a lot in our sectionals.

Rebecca helps to run the camp and she is an amazing teacher.

Here is a link to my blog post about the feature of this year's camp on CTV News:

And here is a link to my blog post about last year's Downtown Summer Strings camp.

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