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Grandma JD

You might have noticed that I started posting a lot of videos for my Grandma. A few weeks ago, she was diagnosed with brain cancer.

I love her. 

She is in the hospital now.
There is a piano there, and we can both play it.

Here is a short video clip of my Grandma playing "All That I Am"

And here is a short video clip of us playing "The Beautiful Blue Danube" together.

Grandma is never happier than when she is playing the piano... I am like that too.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Josh,
    I'm Kirk "kirkie", I know your grandma "JD", and I know the you love to play the piano, but I didn't know that your grandma plays as well, or how much she enjoys playing. I enjoyed watching your videos and reading your posts. Please continue to blog.