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My Vintage Pump Organ

My Music School was giving away an old pump organ. They think it is a Leipzig-built model from around the 1920s. And it works!

I am so happy that they gave it to me.
My very first organ!

Here is a picture from their advertisement on Kijiji

When you use the organ you have to pedal so that it will make sound.
Pumping operates the bellows.

It's like riding a bicycle and playing the piano at the same time.
To make it louder you have to pump faster.

Here is a video of me playing around on the pump organ.
I was playing Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven.

Thank you so much to Sharon, Carolyn and Peter!
And a huge thank you Peter for all your help with moving it!
I love this organ! We're going to fix it up, and make it all pretty again.

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