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"Listen to This" on TVO

Mom found this documentary for me to watch on TVO. It's about kids from the Jane and Finch area in Toronto who are in a program called "Evolving Through the Arts" at their school.

Here is a link to the full documentary:
I don't know how long it will be online on

Here's a preview on youtube

The kids are very talented and they make up their own songs to sing.
Mom wanted me to watch it so I could understand what other kids my age are going through.  I'm sad that they have to worry about crime a lot. My life is different from theirs because I homeschool, I have private music lessons and I don't have to worry about crime as much. But one thing we have in common is our love of music. I'm glad they got the chance to have such good music teachers.

(I didn't expect to see StokeS in the film. I know him from the Ontario Science Centre. I had no idea he was a musician! Next time I see him at the Science Centre, I'm going to tell him that I saw him in "Listen to This".)

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