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TSO's Beethoven Triple Concerto

Last night, Dad and I went to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra's Beethoven Triple Concerto. Peter Oundjian conducted.

The first thing I noticed was that the orchestra was all dressed up. The men were wearing white bow-ties, white vests and tuxedos with tails. The women wore all black. They looked very nice.

The first piece in the concert was Triptyque by Mercure. He was from Montreal, Quebec. What was interesting was that the 1st movement and the 3rd movement were mirror images of each other. I was very lucky to be there because it doesn't seem like there are a lot of recordings of it. I can't find it on youtube and Mom can't find it on "Beethoven on Demand"

The second piece was Beethoven's Triple Concerto. They call it a triple concerto because there are three soloists.

The three soloists were:
- André Laplante, piano
- Jonathan Crow, violin
- Shauna Rolston, cello

They are all Canadian.

André Laplante was really feeling the music. He was moving his hands and head to the music even when he wasn't playing. It was fun to watch.

I was hoping to see Shauna Rolston's blue cello. All of the pictures I've seen of her, she has a blue cello, but she used a regular one for the performance. I wonder if they sound different. Maybe the regular looking one sounds better?

I really liked the First Movement. It was really dramatic!
The Triple Concerto was excellent!

The final piece in the concert was Shostakovich's Symphony # 12 "The Year 1917".  Jonathan Crow was back as First Violinist. It's not Shostakovich's most popular symphony.  People thought it was celebrating Communism because he wrote it to celebrate Lenin. But, people understand it better now. The TSO hadn't played it in twenty years!

I was really interested in what was going on with the percussionists. They were all playing at the end. I could listen to it again and again.

Here is a link to Shostakovich's Symphony #12 on youtube.

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