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National Ballet of Canada's Orchestra Rehearsal

Last night I had the most amazing experience!
I met David Briskin, the Music Director and Principal Conductor of the National Ballet of Canada. He let me sit in on their rehearsal for the Nutcracker. He invited me after I did a tour of the Walter Carsen Centre. :-)

When we got to the Four Seasons Centre, we sat in the Orchestra seats in the first row. During the break, we met David Briskin and he was very nice. He knows that I want to be a Conductor. He said it's good that I'm learning piano and violin and he also told me that I should listen to a lot of music.

I got to stand at the Conductor's Podium. It was amazing!

After the break, I got to sit in the Orchestra Pit! We were right by the percussion, close to the Celesta and Harp. We were behind the violins! The music was louder in the Orchestra Pit. You could even feel it through your feet.

What was cool was his instructions to the Orchestra. He could pick out when one section wasn't coming in at the same time as everyone else and he could tell if the dynamics of one part needed to change.

He also told the musicians that the tempo might need to change depending on the cast of dancers.

It was really great being there to see the rehearsal!

I'm even more excited about the Nutcracker now.
(I'll be a mouse in this year's Nutcracker. Click here for my performance dates.)

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