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My Grade 2 Violin Exam

Today I had my first violin exam! I did my Grade 2 Practical.
It was different from a piano exam because I needed an accompanist for my repertoire songs.
I didn't have to do sight reading for this one, so that was different too. For higher grades they do sight reading, but not Grade 2.

We reached the examination centre really early so we went to McDonald's to wait. Dad got a coffee but I didn't want anything.

We went back to the exam centre and met with Christy - my accompanist.

I went inside first and I did my scales and etudes and then Christy came in to play the piano while I did my repertoire songs. After Christy left, we did the ear training where I got to play back a melody, identify intervals and do a clap-back rhythm. It was really good!

The examiner was friendly and he wasn't scary at all.

My old violin was getting a bit too small for me, but my teacher said we should wait until after the exam to move to the next size. So, right after my exam Dad and I went to the store to buy my very own violin! It's the first one that I can call my own! No more renting for me. :-)

Here's a picture of MY violin.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats Josh. I know you did your very best.
    Your violin looks really good. You are now the proud owner of another lovely instrument along with the piano. You are on the way in acquiring an orchestra of your own.
    Love you.