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Simcoe Day at Historic Fort York

Today, Dad and I went to Historic Fort York for the Simcoe Day festivities.
It wasn't nearly as busy as the War of 1812 Reenactment.

We saw the Fort York Fife and Drum Corps play and we also saw the soldiers firing their muskets. We stayed for the parade and we also listened to the Honourable Lieutenant Governor David Onley's speech. He mentioned that we weren't just celebrating Simcoe Day but also Emancipation Day.

We also did the Fortifications Tour where they explained how the wall and the cannons worked.

Instead of taking lots of pictures we took a couple of videos.

Here's a video of the soldiers firing their muskets.

Here's a video of the Fife and Drum Corps leading the soldiers when they were rehearsing for the parade.

My favourite part of the day was getting to have the Shrewsbury Cake and a gingerbread cookie. They were roasting chicken and putting tarts and puddings in the oven but they weren't ready yet.

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