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TSO & Rob Kapilow's "What Makes It Great?: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"

On Friday we went to see Rob Kapilow's "What Makes It Great?: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. We've been to some of his concerts before. I blogged about Mozart's Jupiter Symphony last year.

Rob Kapilow always makes it so interesting. He makes it so that anybody can understand why we like what we like! He focusses on small bits at a time and he shows us what makes it special. Sometimes he even changes it up so that the music sounds not as great and then changes it back to the original so we can hear the difference.

There was only one performance of "What Makes It Great? Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" with the TSO but you can download it with a different orchestra on itunes.

After the concert, people got to ask the orchestra questions.

One girl asked them how long it takes to learn a piece. Rob Kapilow gave an example about Picasso. He said that there's a joke about someone asking Picasso to do a sketch on a napkin when he was 80 years old. It took him a few seconds and Picasso asked him for $50,000. The person said 'But it only took a few seconds'. But Picasso said it took 80 years.
He explained that it's really all of the years of practice and experience that helps the orchestra to play the way they do.

When a grown up asked about how they all get the timing right for a piece one of the double basses answered that they come together and "their hearts all beat as one". They all listen to each other so they can respond to each other and play together.

I really like those question and answer sessions!

I got to take a picture with Rob Kapilow again.

Rob Kapilow will be back again with the TSO on Feb 21, 2014 for Beethoven's Violin Concerto and Jun 6, 2014 for Appalachian Spring.

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