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TSO's Carmina Burana

Last night Mom, Dad and I went to see the Toronto Symphony Orchestra perform Carmina Burana. It was excellent!

Peter Oundjian conducted and I was lucky enough to meet him on Wednesday when I got to see one of the rehearsals for this performance.

Neil Deland, horn
Valentina Farcas, soprano
Nicholas Phan, tenor
James Westman, baritone
Toronto Mendelssohn Choir
Toronto Children's Chorus

The first two pieces were Thomas Ad├Ęs' Dances from Powder Her Face and Benjamin Britten's Seranade for Tenor, Horn and Strings.

I was amazed by Nicholas Phan's singing. He memorized everything and he had very good pronunciation and very good control over his breathing!

I'm so happy that the TSO's Principal Horn, Neil Deland was the one who did the horn solo for the Britten piece. I love it when the TSO musicians get to do the solos because I think they are some of the most talented musicians in the world! Neil Deland is definitely one of them!

After the intermission, we got to hear Carl Orff's Carmina Burana. I've never heard the full piece before but I'm so happy that I got to go. I was surprised about what it means! I think everybody has heard "O Fortuna" and the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir was the best I'd ever seen them!
I liked the song where Nicholas Phan was singing about being roasted on the spit and I also liked the men's drinking song.

The Toronto Children's Choir voices were so light and pure. It was cool to see them especially with them performing with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

I loved this performance!

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