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"The Travelling Cellist" at Fairview Mall

Today Dad and I went to Fairview Mall to see "The Travelling Cellist".
It's the last one I will get to see, but there is one more performance tomorrow at Albion Library.

David Hetherington performed Albinoni's Adagio at Fairview Mall. It was noisy but I could clearly hear his playing. He is an amazing cellist!

Here are some pictures from today.

I loved the arrangement of Albinoni's Adagio by Ed Hayes and I loved all of the performances that I saw.

Even though Mom wouldn't let me read the book, "The Cellist of Sarajevo" by Steven Galloway, I really loved going to see "The Travelling Cellist". I'm definitely going to read it when I'm older and I will remember these performances.

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