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"The Travelling Cellist" at Gibson House

 This evening Mom and I went to Gibson House to see "The Travelling Cellist". The last time we went to Gibson House was in October 2013.

We looked around the house before the cellist came.
We forgot the camera but we still took some pictures with Mom's phone.

We started off in the kitchen. They had the fire going and it was nice and warm in there.
There were board games set up for games night which is the first Thursday of each month.

We peeked inside David Gibson's office.

This box and this table were close to the square piano in the parlour. They are both very interesting.

We went back into the kitchen before heading upstairs.

I couldn't help noticing the toys on the ground.
Can you believe that 4 boys shared one bedroom. There were 2 beds and 2 boys would sleep in each bed!

This room was the sewing room and the hired girl's room.

I was interested in the clock on the fire place in the parlour.

When it was almost time for the cellist to come, we were happily surprised that it was going to be Joseph Johnson, the Principal Cellist of the TSO. I've seen him play Albinoni's Adagio two times already (at Harbord Bakery and at St. Lawrence Market).

Of the 3 locations I've seen him perform, I think this was the best!
The room the smallest and it was nice and quiet. He played it differently as well. He didn't use pizzicato but instead played out the notes.

I like this photo because you can see a picture of David Gibson over Joseph Johnson's left shoulder.  

I've really grown to love the cello. :-) 

You can still get to see "The Travelling Cellist" in different locations across Toronto until April 7th.
Here's a link with more information:

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