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#CBCAsks: Is Politics Broken

Last night Dad and I went to #CBCAsks debate "Is Politics Broken?"

Mom and I were both interviewed a few days ago about how we felt about politics.
She took this picture when they were asking me questions.

Last night we got to see segments of the interviews

Is politics broken in Canada?
Is politics broken?CBC is gathering some of Canada's top minds in politics and policy to debate the question at a live event in Toronto on Wednesday.Do you have a question about the state of Canadian politics today? Submit it below in the comments or use the hashtag #CBCAsks on Twitter and you could hear Peter Mansbridge ask it at the event. Learn more here
Posted by CBC News on Sunday, 22 March 2015

It was really strange seeing me and Mom up on those giant screens in the CBC Auditorium.

It was my first time seeing a debate like that.
Andrew Coyne, Alison Loat and Dave Meslin argued that "Politics is broken."
And Aisha Moodie-Mills, Monte Solberg and Sheila Copps argued that "Politics isn't broken."

I think Politics is not broken. but the "Yes" team seemed better prepared.
The "No" team should have pointed out that they need to teach more about politics in school so that more people will become involved and get out to vote. They should have also showed us ways that people can let Politicians know what we want for various issues.

I remember when our former Mayor wanted to close down the City of Toronto Museums. He called them 'gravy'. I was so upset that I cried. My Mom said that crying wouldn't stop them and that I should find a way to let them know how I felt. So, I wrote a letter to my City Councillor to ask him to vote against closing the museums. I've been following politics very closely ever since.

(I actually started following politics because I liked Mayor David Miller's Transit Plan.)

I think Politics is not broken. We as Canadians need to be more involved.
We shouldn't leave everything to the Politicians. They only represent us.

The debate is now online at:

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