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Moved my piano....

About two weeks ago, we had an emergency at my house.
Our upstairs neighbour had a leak and it affected us.

We were lucky to be home at the time.
We had move things out of the way.... and it came really close to my piano.

We had lots of people coming in and out to check the damage. And they brought in some huge fans to dry out the water in the walls, ceiling and carpet.... but it would dry out the wood of my piano too.

We had to move out the piano!
CW Piano Movers were able to come very early the next morning to save my piano. :-)

It was sad seeing my piano go out the door, but those guys are strong and they were really careful with it.

I can't believe they were able to flip the piano sideways to get it up the stairs and through the doors.... and with not a scratch on it!

Here is my piano in it's new, temporary, location.  But, we'll keep it there for a few months, at least.

The bad news is that my piano is now in a different house but at least I can still practice every day.

We just had it tuned on Friday - but the move made it go so out of tune that the Piano Tuner couldn't get it up to concert pitch in just one tuning.

There is still a hole in the bulkhead in the living room..

Our neighbours have agreed to pay for the repairs to our unit and that should be done soon.

If you ever need to move your piano.... if you can - use CW Piano Movers!
They'll take good care of it.

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