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Premier Kathleen Wynne at the Toronto Reference Library

This evening, we went to a talk in the Bram and Bluma Appel Salon at the Toronto Reference Library for International Women's Day. Jane Davenport - the Managing Editor of the Toronto Star interviewed Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Why would my parents take me, a boy, to a talk for International Women's Day?
My parents firmly believe that boys should be taught to respect girls and boys, women and men. We should work to make things fair for everybody.
Women's issues affect us all!

When we were going in to the library, we passed a lot of protesters.
There were different groups trying to have their views heard. They were quite peaceful.

It was a full house... but there weren't many kids.

When Premier Wynne came in, and started to talk, some protesters tried to speak over her. I don't agree with that approach... I think that if they wanted to speak to her there, they should have waited until the question period.

One of the things that they talked about was the #WhoWillYouHelp campaign.
Premier Wynne said it was the same issues she was talking about in the 1970s that we are still talking about today.  It was time to do something about it and so they launched the campaign.

We had lots of questions from the audience and she was gracious enough to address everyone who had gone up to the microphone to ask a question.

 And she was so kind that she even posed for a picture with me. :-)

Here is a link to the talk:

Thanks so much to the Toronto Public Library and the Toronto Star for the talk and a special Thank You to Premier Wynne!

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