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Strawberry Odyssey and the Scarborough Museum

Mom, Dad and I went to Scarborough Rib-Fest... and while we were there we, of course,  we went to the Scarborough Museum.

There have been lots of changes.

The cello has been restored!
(You can see what the cello was like before here.)

And they have a wonderful garden!

We got to talking with Adrian about the garden... so it led to us offering some of our strawberry plants to them.

 We have lot of runners from our strawberries at home....

So, last week, (Aug 3) we carried some of our strawberry plants and a few borage seedlings with us on our way to my class at the Royal Conservatory.

These little plants got a little tour of the city.

Here you can see the Crystal from the Royal Ontario Museum in the background.

And here you can see the plants at the Royal Conservatory of Music.

After all of that, we went back to Scarborough, to the Scarborough Museum and donated the plants to their garden.
Me with Madeline and Adrian at the Scarborough Museum

It really is a nice garden.

We went on another tour of the house.

Here is one of their sewing machines.
(My Mom really loves sewing machines.)

And here are a couple more pictures from the upstairs.

And downstairs we got to see some things we had never seen before.

Can you see the rocks in the cabinet?
Victorians liked to collect things.... I guess we are like that too since we also have a small rock collection.

We also saw a small gramophone which we didn't notice before.

This record was on the large, Sonora gramophone.
It is "Ma! - Medley Fox Trot" by Harry Raderman's Jazz Orchestra.
(Click here to listen to a recording of it.)

 I saw new pictures on the Stereoscope.

And there was a Sewing Machine hidden in the dining room!

We also looked at a replica 1906 Sears Roebuck Catalog.

 By the time we were through, we saw the strawberries already in their new spot.

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