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Suburban Steam at Zion Schoolhouse

Last week, Dad and I went to the Suburban Steam Steampunk Festival at Zion Schoolhouse.
We just had to go because Zion Schoolhouse isn't usually open to the public. (It is available for pre-booked programs.)

It took me a week to get this blog post up because I had to figure out how to get the pictures from the camera's CF card onto the computer.  It was my first time using a DSLR camera.

Dad & I took pictures of each other.

Zion Schoolhouse was built in 1869.  Children from the nearby farms went there to learn Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, History and Agriculture.

At the front of the classroom you can see their piano.

There was a display of clocks on the piano.

I thought this was fascinating. 
I really want to learn more about how land is surveyed. 

This map shows which countries were under British Rule. I forgot to look at the date but it must have been from the Edwardian era (based on the picture of King Edward on the map).

Here you can see how the classroom was set up.
The back of the chair in front is the desk of the chair behind it.
Can you imagine if you wanted to adjust your seat?

Inside the school room Mackenzie House had a display with their portable proof printing press.

I can never get tired of using it!

We checked out the other displays outside too. Of course, they were all related to Steampunk which is like mixing futuristic Science Fiction with the Steam Technology of the Victorian & Edwardian Eras.

Here we were doing tea leaf readings.
By looking at the leaves in your cup you're supposed to learn something about your future... I still don't get it, but the tea was strong.

This is a music box that can play multiple songs by changing the barrel in the middle.

Eatons used this to test the quality (strength) of the threads in the clothing they sold.

There was a Victorian Sideshow...  He was trying to free himself from a straight jacket while running away from people with phone books.

We saw our friends from Scarborough Museum. I think they perfectly illustrated Steam Punk!

And there was also a display from Fort York.


  1. Wow - you really captured this event! Can I share the link to your blog on the Zion Schoolhouse Facebook page?