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Leahy Music Camp 2017

I just got back from Leahy Music Camp yesterday. 
It has been a very busy few days. 

I did workshops in Fiddle, Piano Composition, Intro to Mandolin, and Singing. It was really hard choosing which workshops to do. They had workshops for Step Dancing, Guitar, Technique and others. There were opportunities for private lessons, recording and using computer equipment. 

Of course, there was lots of live music and concerts. 😁

On the first day, the instructors put on a concert. All of our instructors performed for us. 
Here is a video from that performance with Timi Turmel on Accordion and Erin Leahy on Piano.

On the Second Day, we had a special performance from the Schryer Triplets - Pierre, Louis and Daniel.

We learnt how to jam with other musicians in the "Slow Fast Jam."
Even though I signed up for Fiddle, I got to try accompanying on Keyboard. Siobhan Donohue showed me how to play the chords.

Here is another video from the jam.

That same day, we also had a Big Dance.
We did some Square Dancing and I even managed to squeeze in some Highland

I love dancing!
Can you spot me in this video?

Here is a picture of me in the Singing Workshop with Don Sills. 
It turns out I sing Bass!

My favourite workshop at the camp was Piano Composition with Erin. 
She spoke with my Mom and encouraged her to get notation software for composing.  They both have faith in me and my music. 

Some mornings, I got to play on the organ in the chapel!  

On the third day, there was a Symposium about the theme of this year's camp which was "The Colour of Sound" 

On  the fourth day of camp - our last day - we recorded our Camp Chorus.
Each part learned their own section separately and we put it all together on the last day.
I played with the fiddles and Mom sang with the singers. The piano people and the dancers had their own parts as well.

On the last night we had a big performance where we performed the Camp Chorus and 
we could all play along with the instructors in the "Grand Jam". 

Swallowtail is still one of my favourite songs.

A big part of my camp experience was the "Group Challenge" 
Campers could get into small groups of 3 to 5 people and do anything.... Play instruments, sing, or dance, or any combination. 

My group was called "Journey On". I met Natasha Coffing and Gail Poulsen on the way to camp from the airport and we practiced each day. Natasha wrote the song and we did this arrangement at camp. It was such an amazing experience being able to work with such talented musicians on this beautiful piece. 

Here is the video of "Aliyah" at the final performance at camp.

Thank you so much to the Leahys, and to all of the Instructors and Volunteers at the Camp. Thank you to Frank Callaghan for opening doors, literally and figuratively. And an extra special "Thank you" to Natasha and Gail. It was a pleasure working with you.
Camp was so amazing, I know this blog post doesn't even begin to describe how wonderful it was.
I have never been around so many talented people who play two or more instruments and also dance! It makes me so happy! 

I hope to see you all again next year!

Update: Mama J from the Singing Pilgrims put together this video from the Instructors' Concerts.
Thank you Mama J!
Hope you all enjoy the video:

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  1. This is amazing! I am so impressed with you, Josh and so glad you have such a wonderful mom who finds opportunities for you to learn, grow and shine. Shine on you crazy diamond! xo Auntie Rita