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Scarborough Museum on Canada's 150th

Happy Canada Day!

Today, Mom, Dad, and I went to Thomson Memorial Park and Scarborough Museum to celebrate Canada Day!

 The Blacksmith, David Brandow, gave demonstrations throughout the day.
His talk had us laughing, and we stayed and watched for at least an hour.

He made various items.
Here is a "gold leaf"

He made a small knife for me.

We checked out the gardens at the museum.
It looks like their gooseberries are doing really well and have already started to ripen.

We checked on the strawberry plants... The seem quite happy and have started to bear fruit.

The Scarborough Historical Society had a display up showing the History of Scarborough.

We went on a short tour of the Cornell House.
Here is a picture of Westminster Abbey that they have up in the parlour.

It was 10 minute to 2 o'clock when we took the picture. I never noticed that the clock was working before.

 I always love checking out the instruments at Scarborough Museum.

For some reason, my Mom just really loves this tree. She always looks for it from the Brimley bus.

Here is a picture of the three of us. :-)

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