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Day 5 of My Street Piano Search

On Sunday it rained so Mom & I stayed in. We were thinking about the street pianos and how they were in the rain.

Yesterday, (Monday) we went looking for more pianos and we found 7 more street pianos.

We found the "Dominican Republic" piano by Ivanna Diaz Lovery at Corus Quay. 
I really liked it. We've never been there before.

Here are pictures of me playing the "Columbia" piano by Javier Lovera on the Sam McBride Toronto Island Ferry. I think it was my favourite one for the day! Lots of ferry passengers clapped for me when I was finished!

"United States of America" piano in St. Andrew's Playground.
This one sounded really good!

I was sad about the "Grenada" piano by Donna Guerra. It was rained on and it had been vandalized.
We ran into Jamie, the piano tuner and I got to see him try to fix it up.

This is a picture of the "Panama" piano by Oswaldo DeLeon Kantule in Sunnyside Park. I couldn't play it because it got soaked in the rain and the keys were completely seized up.

We found the "St. Lucia" piano by Joy Andre in St. James Park (it was in St. Lawrence Market before).
It's a really nice spot in a gazebo!

We found the "Honduras" piano by Nahum Flores in Cawthra Park.
It's really cool looking!

I had a lot of fun yesterday.
I got to ride on subways, buses, streetcars and even the ferry!
It was really cool.

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  1. Oh, my goodness - the Dominican Republic piano is just stunning!

    So sorry to hear that some of the pianos were hurt by rain and vandals.

    xo Auntie Rita