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Day 6 - The Toronto Piano Search Continues

I've found 40 of the 41 pianos around Toronto so far. I got to play 38 of them!

Here is the "St. Vincent and the Grenadines" piano by Anna Maria Dickinson in Pearson International Airport. It was close to the Canadian arrivals in Terminal 1.

"US Virgin Islands" piano by Marion Bernadine in Christie Pitts.
There was some graffiti on the piano but it played nicely.

The "Suriname" piano by Sandra Brewster was inside Sick Kids Hospital. It was nice and cool where we were.

The last piano we looked for today was the "Argentina" piano by Ivan Ortiz in the Distillery District.
We stopped for ice-cream in Greg's Ice Cream shop afterwards.

I can't believe we have almost finished looking for all of the pianos around Toronto.
Tomorrow, I hope we find the last one.


  1. Gorgeous pianos, Josh! And you look beautiful next to them in your matching colours!! I am so glad that you have had a chance to see (and play) almost all of them, and it has been a pleasure to witness your adventures. What flavour ice cream did you get at Greg's? I LOVE Greg's ice cream! xo Auntie Rita

    1. Hey Auntie Rita,
      We need to go to Greg's ice cream together one of these days!
      Talk to you soon!


    2. That sounds like a fabulous plan! xo Auntie Rita

  2. I'm on my own pilgrimage.

    On July 11, I located my first at Bay & Dundas, one block from work. Here's where I encountered Mr. "Maple Leaf Rag" (see another blog - played it 20 times!). It's a long piece, so I decided to come back another time.

    From my start at Nathan Philips Square on July 13, up to late afternoon of July 17, I've played 33. It could have been 39, but:

    St. Lawrence Market - locked at 7:00 July 13, then gone (I couldn't find it) July 14, and again July 16). Maybe they moved it inside? Damaged and taken away? Stolen?

    Sam McBride ferry, July 17 8:45: thought I'd get on early to start the day (I live Queens Quay), but this ferry didn't start operating until 11:00. I'll be back.

    Trinity Bellwoods July 17 10:30: I just missed it being taken away. Damage from rain and 'sketchy types' wreaking havoc on it.

    Cawthra Park July l7 2:00: locked - what? The receptionist at the 519 Community Centre was disinterested and frankly a bit rude.

    Music Garden July 17 3:30: locked - threat of rain? it was still sunny!

    So, of 39 pianos (I believe) that remain, I've 5 to go.

    P.S. pianos were of varying degrees of playability. The one at Queens Park Circle, sadly, is a write off.

    Trinity Bellwoods
    Cawthra Park, July 1

    1. Hi dozaki62,
      The St. Lawrence piano was moved to St. James Park. It's in a nice gazebo close to the church. It's the St. Lucia piano by Joy Andre.
      Good luck with your piano pilgrimmage!

      -Josh's Mom

  3. Hi Josh, What an interesting journey it must have been for you to visit all the pianos, I am the artist who painted the St. Vincent piano which is at Terminal 1 at the airport. Thank you for visiting my piano and playing it.
    Anna-Maria Dickinson

    1. Thank you for painting such a pretty piano!