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Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

Last night Mom and I went to Medieval times with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins.

It was strange in way because they expected us to eat with our hands. But, Mom knew I wouldn't like that and she was prepared. She carried cutlery for me to use. I ate the garlic bread and the apple turnover with my hands though. I liked the bread and the turnover and I also liked the tomato bisque but I didn't like the chicken or potatoes.

The show was very entertaining.
The knights showed how skilled they were on the horses and they even jousted!
Part of the fun was knowing that it was all a show and they were safe. (I'm glad they jumped off the horses instead of falling off because falling would have been dangerous.)

Here is a picture of the narrator.
I really liked his horse!

These were the knights who competed in the tournament. Our knight was the one in the red and yellow. I had fun cheering for him and booing the other knights.

This part was pretty cool.
The knight who won the tournament had to fight this bad guy....

I won't spoil the ending for you!

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