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Victorian Toronto - St. Lawrence Market

I finally started back visiting places that were built in Victorian Era in Toronto. Today, Dad and I went to St. Lawrence Market to get ingredients for our Thanksgiving Dinner. 

I took all the pictures today. I'm not as good as Mom or Dad at avoiding people and St. Lawrence Market is very busy on Saturdays. 

They have a Farmers' Market where you can buy local fresh fruits and vegetables. You can meet the farmers who grew them!

This is inside the North Market which is newer than the historic South Market. They had fruits, vegetables, fresh meats, breads and pastries, honey and beeswax candles as well as flowers.

We went outside to get to the South Building which is the one that was built in the Victorian Era.

The South Building is open most days.  They have more permanent vendors.
Some of our favourite ones are Rube's Rice, Di Liso's Fine Meats, Crepe It Up Cafe, Cruda Cafe and Sausage King. Dad loves the kitchen gadgets at Placewares.

Here are some pictures from the outside of the South Market.

I think it's cool that St. Lawrence Market is still around and I can imagine that William Lyon Mackenzie's family would have shopped there. 

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  1. I have never been there. I hope you bought some good stuff for dinner :)