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Scarborough Civic Centre Branch Is Now Open!

This morning, Mom and I went to the opening of Toronto Public Library's Scarborough Civc Centre Branch!
I'm so happy!
We finally have a library in my neighbourhood!

They had all sorts of things going on to celebrate the opening.
There was a Mounted Police Officer and a Fire Truck.

Lion Dancers.

Toronto Councillors were there to celebrate as well.
I got to meet Sarah Ducette and we posed for a picture with Glenn DeBaeremaeker.

There was classical Indian dancing.

 There were short speeches by some of the people involved in opening the library.
From left to right we have City Councillers Paul Ainsley, Sarah Doucette and Glenn DeBaeremaker and members of the Toronto Public Library Board Lindsay Colley, Ron Carinci, amd Sue Grantham Nutter. (I didn't catch the name of the woman on the far right.)

Randall Adjei recited a poem that he wrote and he spoke about how poetry saved him. :-)

And we had a ribbon cutting.

 The music was excellent! I know the keyboard player's name is Michael but I don't know the name of the group.

The library has a Digital Innovation Hub which includes a 3D printer. I'm definitely going to learn how to use it!

Of course, the best part of the library was the books!

I borrowed a few of them, and for once we don't have to worry about finding a library branch and making a special trip out to return them. :-D

We have our very own library!!!!!

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  1. Thanks for an awesome recap of opening day at the Scarborough Civic Centre branch! We gave you a shoutout on our twitter feed: See you at the library!