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The Beach Celtic Festival 2016

Mom, Dad and I went to the Beaches Celtic Festival, yesterday. 
They had live music, and there were vendors selling, jewellery, DVDs, t-shirts and lots of other stuff.

One vendor was The Art of Nova Scotia.

They sell some really good honey and jams.
We ran out of their blueberry jam a little too quickly last time we bought from them but.... guess what! They have a website!

We bought a lot of cookies from Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co.
We don't expect them to last long.

We got a stained glass humming bird from Thistledown Glasswork, and we got to meet the artist - Mary Ryerson.

Celtic Stoneworks sells Medieval-inspired stone designs by Duncan MacDonald.
Last year, we saw these works of art but we didn't have a place to put one... We regretted not getting one and that is why we ended up back here again this year. He only sells at festivals like this one.
This year, we bought two of his pieces!

Here are a few more shots from the festival.

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