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Coro de la Chinita del Chiquinquira

Today, I helped out at St. Thomas More Catholic Church. They had a special program at their Spanish Mass honouring the Virgen de Chiquinquira.

I have been going for the last few weeks to work with the choir in preparation for this Mass. I met some really great people and I was introduced to a really cool instrument - the Venezuelan Cuatro.
The only difficulty that I had was that I don't speak Spanish, but music is universal. :-)

Here is a video that Mom took of me and the choir during Communion.
The first song I played was Panis Angelicus by C. Franck and I also accompanied the choir for Akathistos.

Everybody was so friendly and I was so surprised today when they gave me a gift certificate, cards and a beautiful statuette of the Virgin of Chiquinquira. It will have a very special place on top of my organ at home.

Thank you to the choir and volunteers for all of your hard work which made everything go so smoothly today.


  1. So proud of you Josh!
    Grandma JD would have loved this.

  2. Joshua , You are a consecrated artist and you will arrive very far. Thanks for everything

  3. Thanks for help us on the choir. You are awesome!

  4. Thanks for help us on the choir. You are awesome!

  5. Joshua you are a very talented artist. Thank you very much for playing the piano and help us with the akathistos