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Ballet Creole's Soulful Messiah

Today we went to Ballet Creole's Soulful Messiah.


I've never been to anything like it before!

Here is their preview on youtube.

The performance is even better than what they show you on the preview!
They use a modern, jazzy version of Handel's Messiah and their bodies move freely and they are happy. They use African-Caribbean, modern, jazz and tap dancing throughout the show. 

I took a couple pictures with a few of the dancers.

This first one is with Yuhala Muy Garcia who was born in Cuba.

This second picture is with Jamaican dancers Alistair Graphine and Benton Morris.

All of the dancers were amazing!

Here is a link to Ballet Creole's website:


  1. Josh, it was such a pleasure meeting someone so young with so much enthusiasm for the performing arts! Thank you for coming out to the show and we hope to see you again (our Spring Show is in May 2014). Best of luck in the Nutcracker this year! - Natassia Parson, General Manager, Ballet Creole

  2. Josh, you stole our hearts with your genuine joy for dance and the show. We all wish you luck in the Nutcracker and look forward to seeing you again. Have a great Holiday Season! Monica Pain, Production and Outreach Manager