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TTC Harvey Shop Tour

At the end of November, Dad and I went on a tour of the TTC's Harvey Shop. As promised, here's my blog about it.

At Harvey Shop they maintain the TTC streetcars and buses. They also manufacture parts that they can't get any where else. We got to go on a tour because they had an open house to benefit the United Way.

I think these are parts of the streetcar motors.

We got to see how they engrave metal.

The TTC has their own blacksmith and he makes custom parts and tools.

I got to try hammering a piece of metal. It's harder than it looks!

Here is the wheel assembly. They can even work from underneath.

 They have a platform that moves along rails so they can move streetcars and buses to the various bays.

They use a tractor to move the vehicles around the shop.

Here is a picture of a Nova bus that needed some metal repair. You don't see them as often as other buses.

Here are some of the custom wooden parts that they make. I was surprised that the floors of the buses are mostly wooden.

They were fixing a bus that was in a big accident.

Here is a picture of a PCC Streetcar. (PCC stands for Presidents' Conference Committee.)

This CLRV needed some body work. (CLRV means Canadian Light Rail Vehicle.)

This bus was just painted and it is under heat lamps so the paint will dry quickly.

These vehicles have been taped up so they can be painted.

I got to see the new streetcar. They call it the Flexity Outlook.

I got to sit in the cab. There is a PCC in front, a Peter Witt on the left and in the rear view mirror you can see the side of the new streetcar.

The new streetcars are wheelchair accessible. :-)

I tried out some of the passenger seats.

 This is a Command Bus. It's like a mobile office.

I also got to go inside a new articulated bus.

Here's me in the driver's seat.

 It was a fun day out!

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