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Ballet Creole's Spring Rites

Last night Dad and I went to Ballet Creole's Spring Rites at the Fleck Dance Theatre.
There will another performance tonight and one tomorrow.

It's finally Spring! And we get to celebrate Spring through dance with Spring Rites. You can see how happy the dancers are that Winter is finally over. There is that time after all the snow melts and everything is brown and grey and gloomy and then you see these little tiny buds and then the flowers come out. It's a happy time and the dancers show it.  I loved Spring Rites and I liked that they used classical music along with contemporary dance to express themselves.

Throughout the whole show the dancers had lots of energy and showed how strong, talented and acrobatic they are.

Here is a link with a preview of The Ripple Effect and Spring Rites.

You can buy tickets for Spring Rites through the Harbourfront Centre's website:

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