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Disneyland Paris

We went to Disneyland Paris!!!

Inside is beautiful and really well cared for!

They even had a horse-drawn tram.

This is the entrance to Fantasy Land.

This was in Discovery Land.

I got to ride on Space Mountain!
I'm finally tall enough! :-)
It was so much fun!

This is the Buzz Lightyear Lazer Blast.

This is right by the entrance of Star Tours.
We rode on it twice. Captain Rex is the worst captain ever! He went the wrong way into a Maintenance Bay when we were trying to go into Hyper-Space.

We went to Frontier Land.

We went on Big Thunder Mountain.

We went on the Paddle Steamer.

This duck is different from the ducks I'm used to. I wonder what it's called.

This is the Phantom Manor. It's a haunted house and we got to go there at the end of our trip.

Here's another duck.

This steam train goes around the park.

Here is a picture of the entrance of Adventure Land.

This looked cool.

I had lots of fun at Disneyland.

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