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Gibson House Museum Group Tour

We went to Gibson House Museum with my Homeschool Group.
We did one of the school programs where we made Ice Cream and we carded wool.

Here is a list of the things we needed to make Ice Cream.

But first we had to wash our hands.

We mixed milk, cream, sugar and vanilla.

We put a churn in the cylinder with the ice cream.

Then we packed ice around the cylinder and added salt to the ice. We made sure the lid was on so no salt could get in our ice cream.

We cranked the churn!

After a while, we learned how they made clothes from wool 165 years ago.
We teased the wool. That means that we got rid of any grass and we slightly pulled it apart to make it light and fluffy.

We used the 'cards' to help make it fluffy. The cards stuck together like velcro.

We also got to see how they would spin the wool.

After that we got to do a quick tour of the house.
This is the master bedroom.

This is the sewing room.

The guest room.

The boys' bedroom.

The girls' bedroom.

The hired man's room.

David Gibson's office.

The dining room.

When we were finished with the tour our ice cream was ready to eat.

It tasted so good!

We took a picture of the outside of the museum as we were leaving.

 And I posed for one with Mom.

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  1. Thank you so much for coming to visit us - your blog is excellent! We hope to see you at future events (for more ice cream maybe!)