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"The Wisdom Box" at The Beaches Library.

Today I went to the Beaches Library to hear the presentation about the "Wisdom Box". Cheryle from the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto had a huge box filled with things that First Nations People use.

In her box there were lots of things.
This is a deer tail. Sometimes they use the men use it with porcupine quills as their head piece.

The badger pelt can be used for blankets to sleep on and on outfits.

This coyote pelt is still intact and it can be used to carry arrows and other things in it.

I don't remember what the skunk could be used for but, I found out that Chicago is named after the Ojibway word for skunks!

This is a coyote face. And it could be used as a man's head piece.

I thought this was really cool!
It is an Inuit snow-goggle. They are early sunglasses!

Here are rattles made from turtle shells. For one of the turtles, the neck has been stretched but the head is still on.

Cheryle said that they don't go out and kill the animals for the pelts and shells. Instead they use animals that have already died.

We learnt a little bit about the medicine wheel, the lunar calendar, beads and all sorts of things.

I got to pose for a picture with Cheryle after the talk was done. :-)

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