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Ojibway Storyteller, Aaron Bell at Barbara Frum Library

Today, Mom and I went to the Barbara Frum Library to hear Aaron Bell tell stories. He's an Ojibway Storyteller. I had no idea what to expect but I went with an open mind.

There were lots of kids and there were some adults there as well. I sat in the back with the adults because I wasn't a part of the school groups.

Aaron Bell was amazing. It was like he did a magic spell over all the kids to get them (us) to pay attention.

He said our only job as children is to ask questions!

He showed us some hand movements to do while he was telling the story.

He shared with us a part of the Iroquois Creation story.

We learnt about the Tree of Life in Sky World and about Sky Woman who fell from Sky World. She was helped by geese to the back of a Great Turtle. She was also helped by 3 animals to survive. She was helped by the loon, the beaver and the muskrat. The loon dives into the water on an angle and fishers followed its example when they used their spears and so it gave the gift of fishing. The beaver showed how to put a roof over our heads. And the muskrat gave the gift of determination and loyalty.

What I really found interesting was the idea that everything in this world has a spirit and if we use something we should do a prayer of Thanksgiving to show our respect.

Aaron Bell also played the flute for us!

Before we left we got to meet Aaron Bell and he posed for a picture with me. He even let me hold a coyote pelt!

Here is a link to Aaron Bell's website:

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